Oct 2022 Update. Access To Japan’s Human Resource Development Subsidies Simplified.

As we have reported in previous articles, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) is in the ongoing process of updating subsidies available to companies for various training activities and other “investment in people”. Simplified access to Japan’s HR and training subsidies is great news, especially for smaller companies and / or foreign companies setting up or expanding in Japan.

As stated by the Ministry:

“In order to make it easier to use the human resource development support subsidy, we have reviewed the system from October 1, 2022.” 

Detailed pamphlets, payment guidelines, and application document lists (checklists) for the following courses have also been updated to those from October onwards.

● Specific training course, general training course

● Educational training leave, etc. grant course

● Special Training Course

● Course to promote investment in people

The sources of recent news and information from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) website are mostly in Japanese.  If there are English materials on specific laws, topics, updates, etc, Verse endeavors to provide them in this blog. Again, the Ministry offers an English MHLW site that provides some important basic information.

The specific sources for this article are below: Both are in Japanese.

This section of the MHLW site lists Ongoing Human Resource Development Updates

The published PDF outlining specific changes is here. 

Japanese company and staff registrations, and ongoing reporting procedures relating to all matters of employment law can be complex, even for Japanese companies, and must of course be handled in Japanese. As with all social welfare and labor law matters in Japan, please seek out professional Sharoushi support to ensure you and your company remain in compliance.

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General Areas of Revision:

Across all eligible courses, the number of documents to be submitted has been reduced.

Regarding “Human investment promotion courses”, there are changes to the “flat-rate training requirements” and a simplification of the documents to be submitted

Regarding “Advanced digital human resource training”, considered to be a part of “human investment promotion course”, there are reduced documentation requirements

Regarding “vocational training combined with accredited practical training in the information technology field”, or other specific training courses, the Ministry has simplified the documents to be submitted 

Highlighted Details 

The Ministry has highlighted these selected details, because they are areas in high demand and / or causing the greatest challenges to companies in securing subsidies.

Now eliminated: “Training Form No. 7-2” The “Petition concerning the amount of expenses for general education and training, etc., which was supposed to be submitted at the time of application for payment when general education and training, etc.

Flat-rate training requirements and document simplification 

  • A relaxation of the “one-month-prior” plan submission regarding Flat, or subscription-type training services. Companies should confer with the appropriate subsidy department to confirm. 
  • At the time of plan notification, the “List of Eligible Persons by Training (Form No. 4)” has been replaced by the “List of Eligible Persons for Flat-Price Training (Form No. 4-2)”.
  • Elimination of submission of “copy of employment contract, etc. for all eligible persons” among the documents to be submitted at the time of plan notification unless the number of hours of attendance is 10 hours or more.

Advanced digital human resource training

  • “In order to promote digital transformation (DX) in the company, the business owner will consider the direction of corporate management and human resource development, and based on this consideration, plan within the business plan, etc. When submitting a plan notification due to falling under the above requirements, attach the “Petition for the promotion of DX by the business owner (Form No. 3-4)” and “Business plan, etc. formulated based on consideration”.

Vocational training combined with accredited practical training in the field of IT.

  • For those who were inexperienced or persons with less than one year of work experience as information processing and communication engineers), or those who have been away from the job for a long time even if they have more than one year of experience: it is no longer necessary to submit a “certification notification of implementation plan for vocational training combined with certified practical training (copy)”

Vocational training combined with specific certified practical training

  • Of the documents to be submitted at the time of plan notification, it is no longer necessary to submit a copy of the “certification notification of implementation plan for vocational training combined with certified practical training)”