In business for over 20 years, we are experienced “Sharoushi”: HR, Labor Law, and Social Welfare Attorneys. We are trained and certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. This examination is one of the most rigorous and difficult in Japan. Few other countries have such a specialization, and operating without Sharoushi support is highly risky and often leads to serious business damage. Skilled Sharoushi will efficiently steer your company clear of such risk.

Even domestic Japanese companies rely on us for advice and the execution of all important employer/employee-related services as explained on our website. So our clients are a mix of domestic and global companies doing business in Japan. We support Head Offices, foreign branches and all local entities ranging from start-ups to those with over 500 employees. Clients have anywhere from no local internal HR support to full HR departments - we cater to their specific needs.

Our Mission

We will understand your business mission and its risks. Our mission is to ensure that your business in Japan performs at its best. How? We provide trusted support to management and staff in your home country HO, regionally and locally so that operations run smoothly and that all staff and contractors are happy.

We handle all of the HR and Labor Law administrative procedures required by the government. We provide advice and routine reporting and dialogue with the CEO and/or management as required.

Our Difference: Our Work Flow Process.

“We are more than the Sum of the Parts”

There are many Japanese providers of Labor and Social Welfare services, from small independents to large global corporations. Some offer a smaller selection of services, others the full range like us. However, there are differences among Sharoushi.

Our most valued difference is our Work Flow, because offering all of the services is not enough. Customized to your needs, we implement a Work Flow to manage the complex range of scheduled procedures efficiently and flawlessly, and administer payroll, tax / insurance deductions, budgeting document submission, and work rules review. Work Flow also ensures that your team always knows the relevant Labor Law and acts accordingly, and that all levels of management and offices in Japan, and outside, are kept in the loop.

The Work Flow process changes as your operation grows and/or changes. Your needs change significantly from Start-Up/Founding and through the stages of growth. In turn, so does our Work Flow.