Partners & Memberships

SR-VERSE works with a variety of Partner companies to help your business succeed. Our partners are experienced in all aspects of business support that you may need. We are happy to refer them to you and /or work with them on your behalf.

General Lawyers

Working with General lawyers from the start of your business in Japan ensures that you adhere to the law and that you avoid future legal disputes or business interruptions. Many General Lawyers refer their clients to us to set up and manage worker rules, labor/management agreements, and all of the administrative matters relating to Social Insurance and labor law compliance in the workplace.

Labor Lawyers

Labor lawyers complement our work. You may require broader legal counsel on various matters, documents, etc. Also, Labour Lawyers will assist you in labor law-related legal disputes and in the court system if necessary. Since we are handling all of the day-to-day and administrative aspects of ensuring clients’ labor law compliance, our work can help ensure more efficient and more successful outcomes. The most common of these matters relate to improper pay/overtime issues, dismissal, sick leave and retirement. Various types of workplace conditions and harassment are other matters that are increasingly occurring, especially for foreign companies operating in Japan.

IP (Intellectual Property) and Patent Attorneys

Protecting your intellectual property in Japan is essential to protect your business. Also to avoid potential lawsuits and even business stoppage due to infringement. With proper competitive IP search and Japanese IP registration, clients can build their business, be confident that their success will be protected, and that competitors will not copy them.  Many foreign companies have faced Infringement Warnings and/or Infringement Lawsuits from Japanese or other foreign companies claiming that their IP has been copied in some way. IP includes your Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Copyrights. Consulting with a local Patent Attorney is advised for any entrant to Japan.

Accountants and Tax Specialists

Every business should have the support of accounting and tax professionals, even if they have inside bookkeeping staff.  Such support saves the company significant time and aggravation, and also ensures that every legal advantage is taken to minimize taxes. Such experts also help in cases of special worker needs such as lump-sum withdrawals from the Japanese Pension Program when foreign workers repatriate.

Business Consultants

Business consultants know the Japanese market. They will help you create new strategy, or adapt your current foreign strategy, to fit the Japanese marketplace. They can offer additional support in various areas of your business including market & competitive research, product/service design, pricing and transfer pricing strategies, and marketing and promotional plans.

Financial Planning Consultants

Financial planning can be important for any company, its management and individual employees. This can involve cash management, exchange rate issues, investing and borrowing, and various insurances that go beyond required Social Insurance. Some financial planners are also expert in securing subsidies, grants and other National or local financial aid programs.

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We are members of the official Sharoushi Industry Association. Here is a link to a useful guide explaining what Sharoushi and the association does.

Japanese Industry Association of Labor Law Attorneys.