Our Workflow

“Making Everything Flow Smoothly”

Almost as important as the procedures we manage for you, is our Workflow. Our focus on Workflow ensures that your company can focus on doing business. It is key to our clients’ adherence to all labor law and Social Welfare practices. Workflow ensures that everything is done on-time, on-budget, accurately and problem-free.

As your HR & Labor Law Partner, our service approach is to act like a department in your company. Our Workflow manages all necessary information flow between you and us and the authorities. We ensure that staff & management in Japan or elsewhere are always well informed. It ensures that all required calculations, documentation, report submission, and management/employee communication happen as, and when, they should. It eliminates mistakes and stress and helps you avoid workplace problems.

Please ask us to explain our Workflow to you. It will make all the difference.

The following shows one aspect of our Workflow and how it evolves as the company does, to serve its needs more precisely. We’d be happy to explain our workflow in greater detail. The fact is that Labor Law and Social Welfare requirements and compliance change as the company grows and the organization changes.