Ongoing Labour Law Consulting and Support

Ongoing Labor Law Consulting & Support – Included

“The More Knowledgeable our Clients Are, the Better.”

We provide ongoing advice and support on creating and changing work rules appropriate to your operation; preparing and changing labour and management contracts & agreements; preparation & submission of all necessary government reporting; and completing all salary and social welfare calculations.

Companies must plan for, and address labour matters to keep the business operating well and without disruption. Labour law in Japan has been changing more so than in most developed countries of late. This is beyond the raft of labour law changes, company reporting requirements, financial aid requirements, etc. that are here to stay as a result of the pandemic.

In Japan, unfair hiring practices, long working hours, unpaid overtime or bonuses, power harassment and sexual harassment have become significant social problems. The frequency of hearing the term “black company” (exploitive and/or breaching labour law) has increased – so has the number of related consultations brought to our office. We consult on all labor law matters and create worker rules to avoid problems. We also face labour incidents and disputes together with our clients, and propose solutions that are in line with the times.