Foreign Companies Expanding Into Japan

“When In Rome Do As The Romans Do”

For our global clients, the following broad areas are those most in demand for our advice and ongoing support. The majority of these will be covered in the monthly service fee – we will confirm if any additional fees are required at the time of the proposal.

Japanese labor law change notifications and advice

There are significant ongoing changes relating to all matters of labour law, rules, worker rights & conditions, employee /employer responsibilities, and government reporting. We advise on setting out all work rules and government registrations & reporting. We advise on all start-up matters related to recruiting, hiring & contracts, worker classifications, compensation and salary deductions.

Japanese Labor Management and Worker Issues

Worker recruiting & onboarding, HR, personnel & evaluation systems, compensation systems (FT & PT, salary & hourly), working times/hours & overtime management, standard & special bonuses pay equity issues.

Labor Disputes and Legal Challenges

If labour disputes escalate to formal complaints to company management or government agencies, there are various means of resolution such as mediation, ADR Procedures or lawsuits. VERSE supports companies in such issues and can facilitate the introduction of additional experts as needed.

Working Rules and Conditions

We advise on worker safety programs, work style reform, productivity improvement, power & other types of harassment. Associated document preparation includes working condition change notifications such as work rules and regulations, labor-management agreements, employee confidentiality, and other pledges.

Worker social and labor insurance obligations

We consult and prepare reporting for various matters: setting up accounts, informing staff and deducting/withholding procedures, pension application procedures on entry and exit from the company, ongoing payment calculations, benefits calculations and applications, etc.

Payroll Advice and/or Outsourcing

Systems of payroll data exchange, calculations, deductions and reporting. Payroll outsourcing is a specialized service offered by Verse Corporation. Charges can be included in the monthly service fee.

Start-up / Business Establishment

Some start-up steps can be done by the Service Partners in our network, or perhaps even by your own providers (lawyers, accountants, scriveners, etc). Either way, it’s smart to complete the standard company registrations while setting up all Labor and Social Welfare requirements (such as registration with the Labor Standards Office, Pension Office, Social / Labor Insurance Offices, etc.) all at the same time. This eliminates costly delays, extra costs and/or compliance violations.