Owner’s Message and Our People

Owner's Message

I am Masumi Saito, the Founder and President of VERSE Corporation. I am from Sendai City which is located about 350km from Tokyo, in the Tohoku area of Japan close to where the great earthquake of 2011 hit. Most of my family remain there.

After graduating from Japan Women's University in Tokyo in 1997, I passed the Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney (Sharoushi) Examination. I’ve been dedicated to the field of Japanese Labor Law all of my working life. In a management consulting company, I gained experience in business subsidy proposals, various government applications and registrations, work rules, HR consulting on working conditions and work hours, and all labor-management issues & procedures for many companies. I became independent in 2002, and established VERSE Corporation, a Social Insurance and Labor Law consulting company with offices in Sendai and Tokyo in 2007.

I feel that there are increasing opportunities for VERSE to play an active role in improving our clients’ overall labor law and rules compliance. Under the scope of “Certified Sharoushi”, we go beyond the basics of compliance. Examples are helping clients embrace the My Number System, advising on mandatory stress checks, and creating work rules that are eradicating “black companies” who operate outside of compliance and cause significant financial and mental damage to companies and their people.

Further, and as in all countries, the pandemic has changed the workplace forever. There have been numerous changes to Japanese law, and also to the direction from the government regarding all workplace conditions. We are always grateful for opportunities to help the managers and employees of our domestic and foreign-owned clients to create better workplace conditions and better business results.

Our People

We have 15 staff and are equipped to handle a client of any size. We have worked in this field for over 20 years, and understand how best to interact with your Team and the necessary Japanese government agencies to help support your business goals. Depending on your needs, an appropriate team is assembled to manage a customized Work Flow process to support you.

Each member of the team is qualified and trained to our highest standards, ensuring the quality and efficiency our clients demand. We communicate locally and internationally in Japanese and English as needed.

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