“End-To-End Labor Law and Social Welfare Support”

VERSE cares for every client, regardless of size, with ongoing, end-to-end labour law and social welfare support. Like an HR Support Partner. This allows you to better focus on business matters.

A Range Of Client Profiles

Our clients include domestic Japanese-owned companies, and foreign-owned companies, subsidiaries &/or branches. They have a range of internal HR capabilities &/or HR staff: regardless, most Japanese companies outsource their Labor Law / Social Welfare needs to expert Sharoushi like us. It makes good business sense to do so. The risks of poor compliance or substandard work conditions pose unnecessary risks and costs.

Our Approach

Generally, there is a monthly fee that covers all of a client's service needs listed below. This fee is based on the number of employees and other conditions of the company and includes ongoing advice and communication, preparation of work rules and submission of documents (monthly, quarterly and/or annually as required).

Exceptions are employee salary/pay calculations & deductions, and the submission of subsidy & grant applications.

Our approach is to be your Labor Law Partner and act like an internal department: we’ll take care of the myriad procedures, calculations and reporting so you can take care of business. Based on the number of employees you have, with one service agreement, we’ll advise you on an ongoing basis on how to stay compliant on an “outsourced basis”.

Our Work Flow Process ensures ongoing communication and reporting to local and international offices as you require. It also ensures that every procedure is scheduled and handled smoothly, on time and accurately. We spend the time necessary to set up and manage the Work Flow so you can spend your time on your business.

Client Training and Seminars - Included

“The more knowledgeable our clients are, the better.”

We train our clients to understand our work flow, our services, and our mutual responsibilities in completing all routine administration. This ensures that clients are comfortable doing business in Japan and can better plan for the future. It ensures smooth communication between us, and efficiency and speed in completing all tasks. It minimizes the chances of labour problems and disputes, as well as government or even legal action against the company.

Basic training is included in our Consulting Service, specialized training or training for large groups is also available.