Outsourced Procedures and Reporting – Included

“Get The Nuts & Bolts of Worker-Related Administration Right”

The list of required procedures and reporting is long, and a tight schedule must be adhered to: but we stay on top of it all, accurately and on-time.

Typical Procedures & Reporting Required in Japan

Payroll and all Insurance and Pension deductions calculations*
Health Insurance Applications & Notifications: acquired, loss, status change, cancellation
Labour & Employment Insurance Applications & Notifications: acquired, loss, status change, cancellation
Pension Insurance Applications & Notifications: acquired, loss, status change, cancellation
Notifications of all insurance name changes, office changes, etc.
Notifications of insured bonus payments, dependent (transfer), etc.
Applications, Invoices, etc. for maternity allowance, child care leave, burial premium (expense)s

Certificate of monthly employment wages for insured who has reached the age of 60
Notification of daily wage registration for insured who has reached the age of 60/Confirmation slip for eligibility to receive continuous elderly employment benefits
Application for continued elderly employment benefits
Application for payment of basic childcare leave benefits
Application for continued unified business labor insurance
Labor insurance premium refund invoice
Invoice for payment of leave compensation benefits/Application for special payment of leave benefits
Funeral invoice
Preparation and submission of agreements
Witness surveys on labor insurance, social insurance, etc.
Application procedures for grants and subsidies

Notification of monthly compensation calculation for basic insured (notification of regular calculation)
Labor insurance year renewal procedure
Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment
Worker dispatch business permit application
Employment agency permit application
Procedures for creation or modification of working regulations concerning the revision of laws and regulations relating to labor relations

*Payroll-related Procedures, Documentation and Activities
• Paid Time Off
• Workweek and minimum Wage (renewal of min. Wage levels, inform the client)
• Employee enrollment procedures
• Payroll calculations and monthly reporting
• Retirement and bonus calculations
• Payment of withholding Individual Income Tax as a Cash Management Agency
• Year-End Adjustments
• Employee disbursement reports
• Payslips
• Payroll disbursement services
• Consulting on Internal payroll systems
• Resident Tax Adjustments

*Additional Social Welfare-related Procedures, Documentation and Activities
• Initial registration & enrollment of new employees
• Social Insurance & Labor monthly calculations and reporting
• Processing (disbursement) of social insurance payments
• Assistance with Admission/ Withdrawals from the benefits program
• Applications for government subsidies
• Social and labor insurance procedures
• Workplace labor compliance